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Pokemon Emerald Cheats

Pokemon Emerald

Cloning Pokemon:
You must have access to the battle frontier by beating the game.
Go to the battle tower with your chosen pokemon you want to clone in
your party. Send the pokemon to your pc and save, now put that pokemon
back in your party an speak to the MULTI BATTLE LINK lady (the one at
the right end). Select CHALLENGE and choose two pokemon (including the
one to be cloned)and when se tells you the game must be saved select
YES and there will be a short time gap.
your pokemon has now been cloned!
When the text saying DO YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR GAME select NO. Now turn
off your game and turn it back on and you should see the pokemon in your
pc and in your party. Unfortunetly it wont work with Rayquaza, Kyogre
or Groudon.

Master Balls:
For you out there. I know how to get more than 1 Master Balls.
#1: Go to the department store and talk to the lady on the left for
lottery (I think that you have to defeat elite 4)
#2: Give your only Master Ball to the lead pokemon and go to defect
elite 4.
#3: Go to the Team Aqua and the Team Magma base and defeat everyone in
there but you have to collect all the things in there include a Master

How To Turn A Pokeball Into A Masterball:
Throw a pokeball at a pokemon with full life on the second bounce of the
ball hold b.

Faster way to catch pokemon:
Okay first you get a master ball use the cloning cheat after you do that
you can easaily capture pokemon then you come to my house and give me $5.00
for giving you this cheat. PS.$8.00 plus tax for me writing this cheat down
for you and trying it for myself

Mystery gift:
Go to the pokemart and at the counter you will see a papper. On the paper
write link together with all and save and you will see when you turn it off
and on and you will see mystery gift.

Fast Egg Hatching:
This cheat is simple. Stand at the right side of the sign of the Battle Tent
in Verdanturf Town, get out a Mach Bike and petal to the right until you hit
a rock in Route 118 (The beach near Mauville city), this is the longest area
in the game without a person or something bumping into you. Then ride back
to Verdanturf's Battle Tent's sign. Keep on going back and forth again and
again. Normaly, this take a long time for the egg to hatch. But making the
game as loud as you can and watching TV while doing this will make it faster!
(You must have the volume at least loud enough for you to hear whenever you
bump into something.) When your show or whatever get's to commercial, you
will see some results! The egg will at least say "It moves occationaly",
if not, just keep on doing this. This cheat works 100%!

How 2 Get Groudon And Kyogre:
to get these 2 u must do the elite 4 and go to the weather place and go
upstairs and talk 2 the man at the end and he'll tell u about a weather
distortion a drought or rain he will tell u where it is if he said rainy,
kyogre will be under water groudon will be on a land cave where i found it,
it was near fallabror town it was 2 the left and up the water fall

Strong Poekmon And Traunt Effect:
The Strongest Pokemon That's Not Legendary Is Slaking
Because Once I Put Him On Level Lv100 And Used Protien
On Him And His Attack Was 418(Lonely Nature)So Try And Evolve Him From Vigoroth
Also If You Wanna Catch Wild Pokemon That You Can't Find Have A Pokemon That Has
A Truant Effect Like Slakoth or Slaking Go Near The Wild Pokemon's Location And
If You Hear A Pokemon Make A Noise Search In The Grass In That Location Or Cave
And It Will Be The Wild Pokemon You Wanna Catch!


Password Effect
Master code: D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3 - master code
nti-DMA: B2809E31 3CEF5320 1C7B3231 B494738C - anti damage
121F112F DA7E52B4 Replaces item in PC slot - eon ticket
Mystic Ticket: 1901DDD1 AAD31EAD Replaces item in PC slot 1 - mystic ticket
Southern Island Event Enabler: 0D6A02AA B44948BD - enable code

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