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MechQuest Cheats


Easy wins:
Submitted by: RM

To win every battle you enter, get the smoky flamethrower and only use that
weapon. It will wipe out almost any enemy.

Hidden helm:
Go to the front door and open it. Keep repeating this and eventually you will
get a temporary helm.

Easy experience:
Go to the front of the ship and ask the pilot to let you drive. One drive is
about one minute. You will get 10 experience points each time you drive. Also,
shoot asteroids to get a few extra credits.

Submitted by: sam

keep on doin the entrance exam loads of times coz u get free exp the first 1
then the further u go the more u get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: sam

(reccomended level 6+) go 2 parma jon (on the left of teks mechs take a job do
it till u r promoted to 15#(pizza top(ing)gun)fight da order 66#(big rusty rat)
he will giv u 500 creds and 50 exp keep doin this 60 times u will hav 30 grand
(the best mech model cost this much)

Submitted by: Luca

This is recomended for 9-12. if you go to the univercity(without taking the exam)
you will fight mega spider (140 hp) its a good way to get moneyit give you 500
money and 50 exp.

Submitted by: the darn

u gona go to soluna city (right!) go to teks meks and to the pizza and to teks
meks and pizza again and again and have a quest on the pizzas, break the cars and
the stuff where water come from, break the last without seeing 'loading quest info'

Submitted by: kinsan
Note: how to make u be the robot (temporailey)

first all u have to do is click to go to a differnt place the before u get there
click equip when u get there u will still be on the screen but not ur mech and u
will be standing there note: u cant move

Submitted by: Tan Lu

First, you get to rank 31 in the police department. Then, you keep battling until
you get to Cain. You keep battling him with the health and energy hacks on cheat
engine. You get easy money!

Submitted by: peter tan

The pizza shop have a free robot but you want 20 level to get the free robot

Submitted by: Glich

in GEARS UNV. goto the saber traning thing and just clik yes(if ya get wat i mean)
and even if u dont hav 1000 credits u still join. :)

Submitted by: google_bop
Buy: gatling gun, noob misileX2
Then its like, GG NMx2 GG RMG, etc,

Submitted by:philiipp

when you take exsam after you beat the hotdog#1 continuasly click on next
eventuualy at the end all the aponents are facing backwards

How to defeat Twang easily:
Submitted by: EhlertErik

In case you don't know, Twang is supposedly the most powerful energy blade fighter
around. You can only fight him once your energy blade rank is 35but sometimes you'll
get to battle him in class, but he goes easy, and you can predict his attacks. Use
strong attack on Twang until he glows red (usually about 2 strong attacks make him
glow). When he glows that means his next attack is his best attack where he shoots
every energy blade you can unlock at you, usually dealing about 20-30 damage, so
when he glows red then use a defense attack and he will only do about 2-4 damage.
Now then, repeat the steps and voila! You can defeat Twang anyday!
(at least almost,I think you have a 80-90% chance of defeating him with this

Submitted by: Bob

Here is a really cool glitch. Go to the police department and talk to the officer.
Keep cliking on his head and ur guy will walk on him!

Submitted by: magnus

go to Meacharoni and get the job each time you dilivery a pizza you get 100credits
the enimies are around lvl 1-3

Submitted by: arrow

(recamended lvl 3+)go to goto unaversaty and fight the mega spider it gives you 80
exp and 500 credets do it 20 givs u 10,000 and if u do it 40 times it givs u 160
exp and 20,000 credets

Submitted by: Glich

here's a funney/useless glitch that may not always work: when yure a cop and u go
after da wolf-guy an press always press defend yure person will still be in the defence

Easy money:
If you are a Star Captain an easy way to make money is to get your rank at the police
station to 29 so that you can fight with Kerberos. Each time you defeat him you will
get 100 experience points and 500 credits.

look at my character page.
Submitted by: Mario

its ok. is there a way that i kan get really easy money. i have a 35/35 rank at
the energy place. A lvl 22 rank at the police department. I also have a 20 lvl
in pizza. I really need money . Email me at emosk8ter123@yahoo.com if yoou have any tips.

Submitted by: koolman758

When your on te ship at the start of the game get to lvl 3 and dont buy any guns then
go to the front of the ship and talk to sys zero then select strange blip then defet
the guy (dont worry you wont lose) and you get 150 credits and 10 exp

Submitted by: Kyakan

OK: So do you want to have super powerful weapons? if so then buy 500 nova gems and get
the candy elf,it gives you MEGA powerful attacks, so buy it and you do 32-36 almoust all
the time!

Submitted by: LegendSlayer

If u wan get to lvl 2 or 3 very fast keep playing the arcade games onthe ship and ask
for the fighter job.

Submitted by: dave

ive got lvl 29 spd 20 pizza and every thing else full i'm lvl 13 almost 14 how do i
get lvl 32 spd email me at dtapple@Mindspring.com

Submitted by: killerofdeath

get high enough for "sauce" shop at pizza place and get the mama mia mega slicer
and get smoky flame thrower and a wep on your shoulder and u own everyone

Submitted by: Joe

OK guys theres a lot of BS in msot forums
1.) IF you become level 20 in the pizza shop the mech isnt free it costs 45,000
2.) ITs take exxstreme luck to defeat the level 3 boss on the ship so i say buy a
flame thower for ur back arm if u use it once agianst him ur garantead a win!

Submitted by: David Lundy

First get 35/35 on energy blades that will get u to a good descent level then get
all the way up on pizza and police and now 1 u get a free mech and u have a good
10,000 dollars and level 8 so buy good weps and keep fightin order 66 and Giant
spider to get major money after that u can start doing the other class in the

Submitted by: fred

easy money when your on the ship you need to get to lv. 3 to do this go to the front of
the ship and talk to the guy do and do strange blip you will get 150 money and 10 exp
the best weapons to use are flame thrower and refrubrished machine gun and the
n-oob launcherx2

Submitted by: Manu Naik

You will need alot of patience for this code. First, go to the energy blade class and
get the skill level at 35(At the end of this you should be at LEAST level 5 (mech)).
Then, you can beat mechas easily by just equiping the energy blade to your mecha.
This way you will be able to beat almost ANYBODY!!!

Submitted by: fred

get to level 3 in blade class then wear the suit and every time you beat something you will
get 4 points extra for wearing the suit

Submitted by: sw07

After I buyed the Flame Thrower (very good weapon), click on "Battle!" and try to use
first the Flame Thrower and never else. If you do this, when the enemy robot it's
destroyed, a huge white spot appears in the place where the robot dies!
And an hint: buy the Flame Thrower (cuz' its goood at anyone) and never else
(maybe just a sniper) to buy that mecha (it looks like yours, but its not) ;)

Submitted by: aaron

easy way to get energy weps before the shop opens
go to uni and go to energy weapon class 101 and get lvl 35(black belt)this unlocks
the partisan which get 20's NEARLY every go

Submitted by: phillip


Submitted by: rayquazalvl100

go to mecharoni in soluna city then go for a mission. When it's one of the ones where it
shows you on a road with cars and stuff on it, DON'T crush any of the cars just go around
them. you should get 120 credits instead of just 100 if u defeat the enemy rusty rat/jimmy
the eye bot/shadowscythe mechs.

Submitted by: rayquazalvl100
Warning: U must be level three 4 this cheat.

When u login 2 mechquest and appear in soluna city, go left (<-- that way). The screen will have the mecharoni pizza shop and the cinemech on. Go to the cinemech and ballyhoo will be there. Say yes to her question and watch the movie but DON'T click visit sponsor 'cause it'll take u 2 dragonfable which u'll hav 2 exit off. Anyway the movie will go on saying blah blah blah blah Gaurdian blah blah blah all powerfull... and so on. at the end a new button comes up underneath the cinemech screen saying "collect prize". Click on it and Ballyhoo comes and says "congradulations! you've just won ??? credits!" the ??? will vary depending on your level. for instance, i'm level 7 and i get 85 credits, but if u were level 5 u would get 65 credits, so to know how much you're gonna get, add 1 to your level, put a 0 on the end and add 5. You should get that many credits from ballyhoo! if anyone wants 2 battle me my ID is 1390785 and my mechquest character name is Nocoro. there are 2 people that r really hard 2 fight there IDs are: 1 - Zhoom 3 - Artix Seeyaz how to get a supamech: ---------------------- Submitted by: indigoma 1.become at least level 10 2.buy newbatron V1337 or star gladius v1.0{star captain} 3.buy back arm solar mega blaster,back shoulder sling missle x1,star striker head and front arm proton rifle 4.equip it all and battle. this is a VEEEEEEERY good combo of mech and wpns.sierioudly u could pwn like enythin man! Hint: ----- Submitted by: XhippieXXkillerX wen u walk out of the bay doors on the prologue of the game U DONT GET 2000 NOVA GEMS WEN U WALK OUT OF THE DOORS 15 TIMES!!! FOR ANY AMOUNT OF CREDITS!!! Hint: ----- Submitted by: justin bedford when vs. rusty rat have a smokey flame thrower and any gun and u should win / smokey f lame thrower give ur guns extra attack points. Hint: ----- Submitted by: fight jet (lvl 3+) if u wont 1050 cedits quick you can fight the rifle man 7 times and and u can keep doing this forever
Submitted by: crim

if you are a star captain then get some nova gems and buy the kurosawa mech or the candy
elf and get the mintzooka front and back shoulder and you will be nearly invincible!!

Submitted by: destroyer9

Be level 5+ and buy mami mai mega slicer and smooky flamethrower and click the war button
(or battle) and do mami mai mega slicer ,famethrower

Easy Money:
submit by william

Go to mysterious j. store.Now go to mysterious than go to spaceship,you will go to the place
when you started the game.Fight all the ghost than you will fight a angle ghost mech when you
beat the quest you will have 1100 credits.

Best way to make money:
Submitted by: Someone

Keep fighting normal shadow thingy, ( Do anything you want, but keep training on them ) till
you reach level 9-10, you should have atleast 10grand ( Subtracted the amount of money need
for upgrade, you wouldn't have any new mech yet unless you have nova ) Then buy 3 good weapon,
Like solar mega blast, sling missile (X1) and another good weapon, I have both of them and
Energy Sai, Right now, I'm trying to get 8,000 - I can kill the big rusty thingy with 6 hits,
he gives 300credit and 50xp, I can kill him in 30second or less, then the recharge takes atleast
10second, so around 1min per 300credit, if you do this over and over again for an hour, you get
atleast 5,000 ( Subtracted the boredom or whatever.. ) then once you got enough money, go buy a
new mech to become stronger, so you can kill the rusty rat in 3-5hit, I'm not so sure about the
giant spider, but try to kill him if you think your strong enough. Oh yea, here's my combo to
kill the guy in 6 hits (( I use the starter mech and this 3 weapon: Solar mega blast, sling
missile and energy sai ) I first use Energy Sai, then sling missile, energy sai again, then solar
mega blaster, then energy sai ( this way you can use sling missile again ) finish him off with
sling missile: See? 6 hits, I'm quite bad at this game since I haven't bought a new mech yet and
I'm close to being level 10 and I only have 13000 - Anyways, just keep doing what you can - Btw,
I couldn't beat the spider if your thinking about it..

Submitted by: joey

go to cinemech and watch movie 5 times is all you can do a day then the next day do it again

Submitted by: deathwish

this good cheat for star captain's. buy the extra 2,000 nova gems and get to lvl 10. buy
hammerhead super(heath:205 Ep:120 Regen:12) then buy used electron sniper 5,000 cred, Solar
mega blaster backarm 5,000, micro missle launcher 8,000 cred and rock N Roll Skull Mask.
this is very good combo and you will pwn anything once you figure out the order to use them
without using all your ep

Submitted by: jon

you want to beat artix you need this LVL5+ you need this weapon miscalibrated sniper rifle and
mama mia mega slicer in mechroni pizza and smokey flamethrower and star striker head if you
want to beat him his ID is #3

Submitted by: Y.Ridicouluz

When you are on the newbie craft and about to fight the rifle master equip these weapons:
Smokey Flamethrower, N-00B missile x2 (X4 works a lot better) and Refurbished Machine Gun.
You cant waste any turns or else the boss will destroy you. Have a good day! =)

Submitted by: rayquazalvl100

In soluna city (must be lvl 3 or more) from the place where it says "shop" at the bottom
right (->) go left but DON'T exit that screen!!! click on the shop button to make a small
thingy come up saying:
"nova items"
"nova mecha"
When u've done that, go to the exit to the RIGHT (>). while u're running towards it, click
on the "items" or "nova items" button. it'll take u 2 a screen with ur mech showing, then
it'll say "loading scene" then look on the far left of the screen. ur person will be tiny,
but still showing on the bit where it shows ur mech! mega glitch!

Submitted by: Demetrius Moore

Easy money - Just go to the pizza shop and do order66 if you beat him you get 300 credits.

Submitted by: Julian Chen

Go to that mystery guy thing if you know how to fight something(Click on many times like
on object like the happy thing whoopy cushin 3000)If your life is low click on the mirror
your life is refiled :)

Submitted by: elliott

in mistyrios al's place click on the monkey in the barrel fight it till it has half health
click on the mirror 3 times kill it glitch should work

Submitted by: zac

The best thing to do if you are just getting star captain is to get 2000 extra nova gems
for a small fee then get the super hammerhead it is 500 nova gems then buy the weapons
super proton sniper and magma cannon both 200 nova gems then get sling missle and the eight
missle launcher thingyou will still have spare nova gems

Submitted by: zak

How do you defeat the ghosts easy in the magic place and how do you catch them i keep
killing them.

Recommended weapons:
Submitted by: RM

Use the flame thrower, double auto gun, and n-oob (4x) on a mech.
This is the best weapon configuration for your first mech.

Submitted by: Logsaw

Go to the novelty shop(Ghost Hunting), and click on the barrel of monkeys, you will be
sent into a fight scean with a monkey pirate. Click "Flee" and the health/power bars will
be stuck on your screen.

If you click the "Punching bag 3 times (I don't know exactly, I was clicking rapidly),
you will be sent into a fight scean with the punching bag
p.s. NEVER click the MIRROR, you will restart the fight!

Submitted by: dunksta

OMG best lineup eva u hav ta be a lvl 8 even i use it im a lvl 12 get a huntas
autogun, sling missile, and solar mega blastr u may need a higher powerd mech wid
more energy but it works on most i highly recommend usin it on a katana v1 they
rsik but thell do thejob for only 40000 buks it roks.

Submitted by: kinsan89

quick mulah:
first get 2 lv 30 in ta hospital (its now open) then do ta nano quest whn u need 2
repair stay still (it reloads s..l..o..w..l..e..y..) and whn u finish u get about
500 credits trust me i did it

Easy Money:
Submitted by: 6h05t

just doing autopsy in hospital every time.
coz the prize if u not fail is 500 credits + 100 exp.
just collect them till u'r money can buy hammerhead
(if u r not the star captain , it can help u eliminate anything)

Submitted by: hi ya

This is a glitch goto the hospital talk to the nurse then take a quest and dont
play the quest click run away then quickly click the nurse you will not talk to
her this is i know 90% will work

Submitted by: nghia

If you join a house like wolfblade or runehawk yuo keep doing the labyrith quest do
it 10 times and you will have 20000 credits so you can keep doing it as much as you
want I did it 20 times and got 40000 credits

Submitted by: adel

for easy credits go to your house on gears university and do the lurbirth mission
complete it and it dives you about 1200

Submitted by: hypnozeng

all you need to do is keeping defeating all the shadowsythe (if youre level 14 or 15)
the youll get 750 credits and 100 exp.

Easy EXP + Money:
Submitted by: T-Man Dude

*Recomended for 5+*
if you join mystraven, you go back to the person and go back to the labyrinth, than
go all the way to the end and beat the last mecha - the mino-ton - and get the treasure
box. The mino-ton gives you 55 exp and 200 money and the higher the lvl u r, the more
money you get its more easy money than exp but u still get exp

Submitted by: btl

When you do a mission and want to get a promotion. click on the button at the end of
the mission and keep holding it until it ends scrambling the numbers. you will get a

Submitted by: E-Droi

To get lots of money you must be rank 30 or 31 for the nano quest, defeat 1 enemy and
you will get 750 gold and 100 exp. every time you defeated a enemy you must stop the
quest and heal. if the enemys are to strong for you, you must be level 13 and you
need a police mecha. for more info email to splitter_boss@hotmail.com
i'm rank 32 police, 35/35 energy blades, 32 hospital, 20 mecharoni, 9/12, mecha combat
and 6 ghosthunting.

Submitted by: Shadowfang

This is a good way to make cash, go to mystraven house, and ask to join, they say to join
u have to do a misson, navigate through the maze and find a treasure chest, u get 550credits,
i would recommend this for lvl 5+

Submitted by. Gotto

If u want easy credits go to the hospital and do the engage enemy and autopsy missons the
autopsy missions average between 500-100 the credits go down 100 every time u hit it off
the walls.
any one wants to battle me my id is 2294138 if any of u have played dragonfable im the same
gotto from the sky battle feilds.

Submitted by:Golden Girl

Wolfblade, Runehawk and Mystraven- Each have their own class. Wolfblade is the basic
soldier class with a high amount of Hp and a moderate damage all around equipment.
I like the bazooka's on thier backs cause they do around 35-42 damage all the time
for my character.
While Runehawk is your magic/wizard mech class That has great specials, but not as much
Hp as Wolfblade. They are pretty good and very flashy, but latter in the game I think
that by sacrifising HP for bonuses and other thigns might really affect their boss battle
outcomes. Their staff is a flashy weapon that I like to use a superflous amount.
Last, but my favorite is Mystraven.They are the rogue/ bandit/ assisan class. They offer
(In my opinion) cooler mechs with speed over power. They dont use alot of the AP so they
can just keep rocking their opponents and never really have to worry about having to
recharge their AP bar.

Submitted by: Golden G

OK as far as cheating goes in the mechquest game, there are none. There are a few gliches,
but they are not worth trying. As for the laberinth mission you might want to have a mech
with over 200hp and be lvl 10+. I joined the wolfblade and their mech has some powerful
front and back launchers with a axe that has a chance to stun your opponent.
As for its back arm it kinda suck, but has alright damage.

Submitted by: Metroid

Easy cash: go to the hospital and talk to nurse Helia. Click emergency but hit cancel
if anything but autopsy comes up. When you get the autopsy mission, if you can get
through the maze without hitting any of the walls you get 100 exp and 500 credits.
Your experience really fills up and that new mech gets one step closer! ;)

Submitted by: Rusty

Dude get the wolfblade mech or any other mech that is awesome. then do the war and
duel and win. I make like 1225 creds each tim its awesome. do it like 20 times and
ou like tons of money.

Submitted by: thamsan

for easy money go into the labyrinth and beat everything there wen u get 2 minoton
heal then battle it defeat it DO NOT HEAL then wen it respawns let it kill you and
youll be back at the start and will still have everything you got repeat for lots of
money with 1 hour over 10,000

Submitted by: ivo

When in wolfblade keep on doing the labyrinth lvl 10 +

Submitted by: EquipGlitch

Go to soluna city and go to far right but not far enough to go to the pizza place and
click to go to the west side of town and click equip before you get there and it'll
say loading and it'll load u as ur human person tiny lol pointless but funny!

Submitted by: Runehawk Flight

Join the Runehawk or wolf blade houses.go to the house games.you should get a screen
showing dean warlic.click on boss fight choose a boss and you should get 1245-1255
credits.if u can't beat them click on play games then duel.do this again and again to
get easy money .exp is 500-1000,i think:)

Submitted by: ali

Ok first what you do is get your mech up to level 15 then buy the wolfblade
mech when you buy it and press war every time you beet a guy you will get 1250 coins

Submitted by: aluminaitor

Reccomened (12-15 lv )+ (if u are head of staf in the hospital) best best and best way
to get EASY money is to do the nano quest. the virus and stuff all agve 200hp but they
dont hit alot so its quite easy try itu get 3400 credits at the end

Submitted by: crime

heres a cool glith in the mysteriuos jonson place clicke on the bowling pin with punching
glove and you will fight him .and if you are in wolfblade keep on doing the labyrinth in
1 hour i got 40000 credits

Submitted by: david

easy money go and take the exam and kill the first robo and then flee and take the money
and do it over and over to get fast money and exp

Submitted by: ameer

if you have joined a house then you can get 1000 credits if you go to the gears university
then join a house and join wolfblade and go to the lybarinth and you will make 1000 credits
in 3 to 5 minutes

Submitted by: mesohorny

The best way to get money is by joining the WolfBlade House and continuously doing the
labyrinth quest. When you finish the blue labyrinth mission by touching the box you get
1000 Credits each round. Do this 50 times and voila you'll have enough for a good mecha.
If you wanna battle me my IGN is mesohorny

Submitted by: mike

if u are training in the energy blade 101 room.when u are training with the dummies and
other things.do a attack or strong attack then do a defencive attack.
the dummies and people will miss almost ever time

Submitted by: Heavenlystick

To get a lot of money use Cheat Engine 5.3 and then get in a fight. Multiply your opponent's
HP by 8 and put it as the exact value. Scan it for your first and then attack with any
weapon (but don't kill the person). Now type in their HP multiplied by 8 (yes again) and
do it as a second scan. Put the adress on the list at the bottom and change the initial
value to 0. Attack and you won! Do this over and over on hard people (like Order#66 at
the Pizza place) and you'll be rich!

Submitted by: DrunkApe

To fight the rifle master on the noob ship get the starting machine gun, smoky flamethrower
and large military repeater, which is better than both of the N-00B missiles. Also, throwing
yourself 5 times out the bay doors get u a temporary space helmet. Best way to train is to
do the jobs - SPD, Mecharoni, and Hospital. Do these then upgrade your mech and get the
Pizza Saw-ser from mecharoni, keep large repeater, and get solar cannon. Best combo goes
saw-ser, repeater, solar connon, saw-ser, solar cannon, large repeater, then repeat the
whole thing. Works for all enemies.

Easy Expirience and Credits
Submitted by: Rizoto Aj

go to the left in soluna city through the hospital and talk to helia click uniforms and
choose scrubs(when you are in 1st rank) after that, click emergency and choose ready to
go on patrol. Just only choose Autopsy. If the operation is done and no mistakes, you
will got 100 expirience ang 500 credits. just do it always and get a rank. My name in
mech quest is ZeadTheWarrior I'm in rank# 30 neurologist. Just do it better. If You Are
in rank# 30 equip all of uniforms. If you are lvl 15-25 click the nano quest if you are
in rank# 31 (I dont know what is called to you when you are rank# 31 ^_^ ) and you will
unlocked the shadow base. "The WR Grand Finale!" (Unlocks in rank# 31)
YOu CAn do Dis always^^
Tnkz for all hwo do this^^

Submitted by: sexy kid help

when you finish the the hospital quest and then you do the nano quest and then the energy
blade thingy and then do the last one the police thingy. when you finished talk to warlic
(the head master of unerversity)and then he will blah for about 2 min. then go to the
hospital and then tell nurse helia that she got a message from warlic.After nurse Helia
will give you a special healing stone.Before a strong battle with a opponent you can fuse
the stone with a wepons and then it will add 10 damage to your wepons. example:you have
the mega solarblaster and it does 12-20 dammage but if you fuse it together the stone and
the wepons the dammage will become 20-30 damage.If you d'ont belive d'ont do it because
this cheat is for a limited time so if you want to do it do it right away the way i herd
of it it will only stay until september 15 2008 so good chance guys or else girl.
until next time guys.

Submitted by: Backstabber123

If you want money and easy xp try this: Go to sabre training at gears university and
train you get easy money and alot of ep!!!! HAve FUn

Easy Money Hint:
Submitted by: Dmario

go to Pandora's labyrinth and fight every do not complete the quest and when you die kill
every one again keep dying after you kill a couple pf people and the exp and money you
earned before you die will still be there for you to earn when you beat it

Submitted by: mystraven
good combo
If you want a good combo then do the next.

get the mystraven mech lvl 12.then buy the spike glove.
then the head:gas mask.and then laser crossbow.
i have that and it works

and a fast monny tip:
go to the valentine holiday and kill: romecheo you get 1120 cr and 120 exp.XD

Submitted by: jUnkMaN

well i just battled a monkey at that magic place an then i started to click on the
miror lots of times a nother heath bar popped up.so when i stopped it the heat bars
stayed there! i only did this once so i not sure if it will work all the time

Submitted by: JonTheJester

Join the Runehawk tribe at the University and do the mission again and again.
Just avoid all the mechas and get the chest. If you wait long enough, the last
mech will come up and you can get by him without fighting him. If you do it correctly,
you can get 1200 credits in less than a minute, without fighting anyone!!!

Submitted by: kimwilliam

Easy Money for lvl3-7
first,go to the hospital.than do autopsy on aliens. (try not to hit the side)when you
finnish without touching the side.you should get 100exp and 500cerdits.

Submitted by: joe

i can tell u how 2 get 4500 cash in 5-10 mins (needs lv. 6-12).
1)join a house (any one) they will ask u 2 do a special quest. do it anyways.
2)kill any one in ur site and u will be erning 2000 cash in no time
3)when u get to MINA-TON egect ang do the quest again this time kill MINA-TON and u
will win the cash to buy kind of good wepons
4)do it over and over again and u will get 20,000 cash!!!

Submitted by:Alex

Buy the 2,000 Nova gem pack then you need to get to lvl 5 Goto the star captin place
to the right of where you start. Go to the floor called artillary then buy the mech
called Kurowza (or something like that) it will help you alot and then when you are
level12 make sure ur in wolfblade and by the nova wofl

Submitted by: Darkpandadude!!

as a starter buy fly the ship then buy freshmen laser pointer and smoky flame thrower
(and if u dont hav it the machine gun)equip them then battle then use the weapons in
this order flame thrower,laser,gun

120,000 dollars in 2 hours!-Level 3+:
Submitted by: #1 Money Earner

Once you are in Soluna city, join the RuneHawk House in the University. To join
the University you must pass a test, but it is not too difficult with a good mech.
Once you pass the test you are an honorable member of RuneHawk, home of the coolest
mech in the game! Then, do their mission over and over. If done correctly, avoid all
the mechs and you get 1200 coins in under two minutes! **Unless you have the RuneHawk
mech, avoid the last mech at all costs**

Submitted by: Foxtrot

If you want money and ep you should go to holiday quest and keep fighting the boss and you
get 350 money and 30 xp!!!! Have fun Ps i got 35k in 1 h

Submitted by: necrodude76

If you go to pandora's labyrinth ypu get 3150 credits do as many times as desired.
you could get a great mech and equipment!!!!

Money Cheat:
Submitted by: kai

When you get to the mainland go to uneversety join a house and ceep on doing the maze
you get 100gold for every lvl you are everytime you go through + the gold you earned
killing the other mechas eg. if you are lvl 10 you get at least 1000 gold everytime

Submitted by: TheMaster

Go to university, and join the laser blade thingy class. Get to rank 35. When you're
there, buy mecha boomstick or something more powerful for your back arm, buy energy
sai for front arm and Sling Missile 1x for shoulder. Then, go on Blind Quest til you
can do boss fight, then you do that over and over. 30xp ans 320 credits each time!

Submitted by: WolfBlade Cheated

There is a lot of BS in the forum once again:
1.Wolfblade house missions do not give you the 1200 credits that runehawk does.
2.the dean never gives you a free mech
3.Wolfblade is not the best house mech, although it has the highest health, runehawk
has a higher ability to hit, and mystraven hits hard, although not very oftern.
4.Mechquest rocks! Battle on!

Submitted by: Jake
alot of Easy Money

First join a house by doing there mission over and over again you usually get about
1000 creds. each time (level 4 and above is the easyest)

Submitted by: jakethesnake

when you go to the police station at rank 6 dont go on a mission unless you can kill
a level 5 or 8 mech mcnuggett or the level 5-8 rooster booster (the big chicken things).
but you can also fight the werewolf thingingi

Submitted by: jakethesnake

when you go into th museum you go on the desert ruin and get your strongest energy
blade then run temple and kill the monster .next run into the temple (after waiting
for the door)and go to the next room strait away run towards the fire and quickly
into the next room and fight the monster (2 strong attacks 1 normal attack) then go
up to the middle fire and dont move NO REALLY DONT MOVE..... oh and dont worry about
the big spiky things they wont touch you (unless you move ) then you will get a fossle
(weeeeelll unless the number thingy is not hight enough).

Mechquest- Wolfblade missions:
Submitted by: Shiro

Message : Right now wolfblade has a mission where you have to get wolfblade's sword back,
once you finish it once, you get about 1000+ points, keep repeating this and you can get
100K credits in only 100 of these missions...

Submitted by: Butface

go to wolf blade then verse heaps of robuts at the pizza place and upgrade with the pizza
armour go to the girl sugest a pizza 55 times and then go to mystraven and you can join
but you might have to verse yourself just kidding th

Submitted by: John

Infinite health or energy:first you must have cheatengine version 5.3. then get into a
battle. multiply your health or energy by 8. then atk until you get hurt then multiply
health or energy again and look for it in the list. do not type into value box.when you
find it add it to your address list and press freeze, freeze is a checkbox next to the
desciption. Hope this is helpful. if you have any ? email me at monkies.fries@gmail.com

Submitted by: elmo

to get money fast jon rune hawk don't join mystraven or wolfblade as u will not get as
much money. go to the labrinth and kill as many robots s possible get the tresure and u
shall get atleast 1100 credits.

Submitted by: Vadim

reccomended lvl - 5+. If you haven't joined a team yet, join runehawk. Then keep doing
the mission. beat the maze a lot of times, and every time you beat it you get 900 credits,
and 200 bonus if you defeat the minotaur. beat it 50 times and you get about 55K!

Submitted by: oreps2

if you want to get a guy with 220 HP you need 12000 credets and then join the hose
wolfblade buy the top if starcap if not buy second top.

Submitted by: the awsome guy!

this is how me and all my friends level from start to finish..

step 1) ok first your on the ship and your level one...then get to level and land the ship

step 2) go to the university and pick ANY house you want

step 3) just do one loooong labrynth like keep killing and healing ur self as long as you can
if you die you respawn at the starting point of the labrynth WITH all of your exp. and credits.

step 4) keep going for as long as you want the finish the labrynth and you have alot of
credits AND exp.:) enjoi!

Submitted by: Athrun

if you want many credits go to the pandora's labrynth quest or go to the hospital and do
the nano quets(which you will gain more credits than the autopsy)My name in mechquest is
Athrun and my mech is the wolfblade's mecha and im level14 and I already finished the
museum,hospital,energy blade,police station,ghost hunting,mecharonni and the mecha combat!!
My ID number is 55434 and battle me if you can beat me!!ad I already got all the weapons
(except those wh are only for star captains)!!!I already have all the mechas(but I bought
and sold others that are low health and those manas are low and i sold them Tek)but
I alread got all the mechas(im wolfblade but I dont have those of star captains and the
runehawk and mystraven house(mystraven really sucks!!!!)

Submitted by: Vidkid

Hey you want some extra cash but dont want to go through some of the complicated cheats
others have posted and like smashing? If you feel like smashing go to pandora's labrynth
or go to the hospital and do autopsy both are fun so what do you have to lose
(nothing youre gaining)

Submitted by: Dylan

EXTREMELY EASY MONEY- This might take a little while but all you do is when you go to the
university you pick a house (I prefere Mystraven) Then you talk to the person in your
house and click on Missions the mission is called the LABYRINTH I suggest you be about
lvl 7+ to do this so you complete the mission which averages around 8 to 12 minutes and
averages around 2000 gp so you keep doing that to get easy monye

Submitted by:Bob

Great credits
Do labrynth in houses i got an average of 1200+

Submitted by:Rizoto Aj

U Can Equip Energy Blades In Ur Mecha
Message : First U go to admina and go to the university. Go Inside the gears
university and to the elevator. Go to the second floor and go inside in energy
Blade 101. You can go to master Tsuba and talk to him.^^. If you are able to wear
uniform wear it and choose energy blade in weapon Rack. then take a class. If
your skill is 35 you can also equip enregy blades and buy one to your mecha.
(I don't know how strong is the energy blade in your mecha. I have skill is
only 22) you can also buy energy blades using nova gems.
TNkz ALL who do dis hints or tips

Submitted by: ericdaniel4

people who say the smokee flamethrower IT DOESN'T PWN!(no offense)the one that
really pwns is the lava blaster or magma cannon!it has more damadge.try it and
see.(early levels, get the smokee tho ) ty

Submitted by:Dodo

mechquest-easy money on the EASY way
Message : if you do the autopsy for easy money then if you get the green alien just
ruin it and do that until you get the blue alien (he is easyer because he's shorter
and he dont breath's)

Submitted by:blackknight

buy a used electron sniper, a sing. missil x1, the missil mouth (only if you are in
the house wolfblade)and in the shop at the right of the screen, the lava blaster.
use this stuff in this order. it's really good.
first: the electron sniper
second:the lava blaster
third:the sing. missil
(reload if you have 50 ep)
fourth:the missil mouth or reload an other time and use the electron sniper!!!
(but if you are a star captain that's not really good)

Submitted by: Wolfblade Master

Elmo is lying. you get the same amount of credits or even more if you join WolfBlade
or Mystraven. I joined wolf blade and got 55000 credits for 46 times.

Submitted by: xavier avila

i found out how to get a ton of moneys realy fast all u gota do is join the hospital
and keep doing autopseys and for each one u can get 500 creds and 100ep but if u mess
up the money goes down 100 and the exp goes down 20!

Submitted by: Victor Ye

This isn't really a cheat or tip, just a weird glitch. Go to Val in the museum and do
either the Jungle or Desert quest. When you reach the entrance to the temple, quickly
go to the entrance before an enemy appears. Your mech will become invisible! However,
just because your mech is invisible doesn't mean it's invincible or anything. Still,
try it! It always works if you can get to the entrance fast enough.

Submitted by: dark_ninja27k

remember what level you are is how much you are going to get after finsh the labyrinth.
if you don't belielve me go and do it (but you do not fight anybody in the labyrinth,
because if fight anyone you will get more credits, and may lose count)

Submitted by: william

o.k. I just got an upgrade for the wolfblade nova wolf and now I PWN! I'm 20/20 in
mecharoni, 32/32 in hospital, 25/25 in mysterios j's( aka gohst hunting), 32/32 in
police 12/12 in mecha combat, 35/35 in energy blades, a founder, and have a full
zaurdasaur skelleton in the museam. lvl 15 and currently have 190196 credits if you
need help just email me at veeeboyz@aol.com

my player i.d. is 308240.
The raelly quikest way to make money if you have good mech and weapons is to fight
bosses in house battles or in shadowscythe invations.

Submitted by: hunterv6

Deafating twang is easy u just use strong attack over and over

Submitted by: hunterv6

smokey flamethrower sux although easy money=
vs water dragon over and over 352 money 37 exp and its attacks hurt 1-2-3 or 4

Submitted by: DarkMoon

To be nearly invisible,u must get the runehawk mecha which is(50k)when u get that mecha
u are super powerful and can almost own everybody want to test?battle my ID:2961355

Submitted by: mechquestrocker

buy the following weps,lava blaster,underhand gun,missle mouth and flower power
[can only be found in valentineday] then you have to be 29rank police,fight kerbos
at page 16 on spd notbok,you will get 100exp and 500 cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it rocks!my mechquest id is 1031378. have fun!

Submitted by: copyxnin

Easy credits
this is a new update: go to the museum and talk to the guy there. click explore and
do the ocean quest--you should get at least 550 credits if you beat everything, if
you find a fossil you get 500 more. so the most you get is 1050 credits--easy money!!

Also, the best weapons aren't the most expensive ones--the ones I have are: Crusader's
shining repeater, dragontooth chaingun and NOOB missile x4. If you have these you
basically PWN everyone (except the weremecha and the rooster mecha at the SPD) for
long battles, use mama mia mega slicer and used gatling gun, for short ones use
dragontooth chaingun and crusaders shining repeater. try this, and you PWN!!

Submitted by: Mech_Master

kinsan89, u left out so much stuff about Nano Quest. First, its 100% IMPOSSIBLE wih
ur starter mech, same with newbatron V1337. Second, when u kill the 4 viruses, each
gives u 100xp and 750 credits by the way, and the Shadowscythe scorpion, gives u 50xp
and 250cre. u get.... 450 EXP and 3250 CREDITS!!!! P.S. if anyone wants to fight my

Submitted by: asdf

In the autopsy game click the organ, right click with the left still down, let go
and click and hold the left again. The organ will jump to ur mouse's location.
But dont go too far or else you screw up and haf to redo it!

Submitted by: harry

if you are a starcaptain and you have runehawk star commander, do the labyrinth
quest when you complete it you will get millions of credits

Submitted by: Kerrin

if you have at least 500 nova gems go to the blade class get and then buy
phantasim scimatar you only have to be lvl 1 and its red you can still buy it
though after that you pwn any thing that you have to use energy blade but you
might be wondering how to equip it cuz you cant equip it at the rack so you have
to equip it as a mech part go to the shield in the equip thingy and there it is enjoy!

my name is Sky Captain and my #ID is 700038 and I have saved equip which you can only
do if your star captain and it saves your last weapons that you had on and it does it
4eva unless you save a different equip
cya my email is ker_rin@hotmail.com

Submitted by: bob

Get a job at the hospital and do autopsy an you can get 500credits and 100 exp

Submitted by: Zack

most of you guys are noobs. I know how to get 1750 credits in a single mission.
This is the second highest amount in forum so far. Just join museum at lvl 12
when monsters are all stronger and do the ocean quest.

Submitted by: screw that bitch

do autopsy thing at hospital and then when u have enought cash 150k (150,000) and
ur lvl 12 buy the house mech u belong to and ull earn cash in no time.(works better
if ur a start captain)

Submitted by: edhunter29

i figured out that if you go to the hospital and just do altopses you get 500 credits
and 100 exp points. ps highest level is #30

Submitted by: BlackKnight687

Laser wep is easy just strong atk until U run Out den use atk it works everytime(Almost!)
My I.D is 3383453

Submitted by: dragonlover34

to get over 10k (money) in mechquest do the labarinth misson and you'll walk out of
there with 10k! (if you battle alot of enemy's)

Submitted by: rydact95

Pretty good combo for newbies, front arm: USED (not salvaged) pulse lazer, back arm
refurbish machine gun (or double auto gun, your choice) front shoulder: noob missle x4

Submitted by: mechisgreat

to earn some good creds,do one or one of the following:
1) join a house if you have not done so,the keep doing Pandora's labyrinth and(i suggest
lvl 9 or above)kill all of the guys in the labyrinth.
2) this isn't for money,but if you want to pwn,(10 or above) buy the lava blaster,
sling missile,proton rifle, and a head form your house.

Submitted by: luke

endless fight:
go 2 myserios j. click on monkey barrel get him to half health then click on the
mirror it should say loading then go bak to the fight do this 3 times then keep
fighting you will both have infinate hp / mp.

Submitted by: someone

hhaha u guys are all n-00bz but this is an awsome cheat. go to da
medi-place-hospital-thing and wear the scrubs. then go to gears u
and go to energy blade 101 and fight (dont go to wepond rack or it wont work)
and see what happens

Submitted by: zach

Go to the hospital. Wear the uniform. go to police. go on patrol. u r still Wear
the hospital uniform. when u fight u will have a giant needle!

Submitted by: kilo
EAZY MULA!!!!!!!!

after you are accepted into a house, keep doing the labarynth.every time you
complete it you get 1000 credits!!!!

Submitted by: shubham

if are you in soluna city go to hospital and do autopspy it gives 500 points and 100 ex

Submitted by: Legend Leaser

Combo weapon for newbies:missle x2,bargain bin laser,refurbished machine gun

Submitted by: Jman

goto spyder at gears w/ smoky flame throuer and do him 500x and u will get over
10000 cash.my id is 2584584 and other 3466688.

Submitted by: guthix mecha

when on the space ship click on the shuttle bays doors......you will be hurled out
of the ship and grabed by a newb resuce claw.....do this a few time and you will
find your self with a dune space helamt and instead of useing the arcade click battle
this way you will battle a enemy and ern xp and credit each time oh and dont for get
when you click battle g win or lose but near the BATTLE button is next to it is
repair always use it each time you battle

Submitted by: na

Best mech ever
the head of the house shop so you don't have to skip 2 turns
the best part you can get are the
wolfhammer (the front are of any house is good and it can do stun)dmg 25-36
lava blaster dmg 25-29+fire damage 3-5
flower power if you have them just get plasma pulsur 25-38 frout shoulder and
ofr back you cna use your house sholder my dmg is 28-32

i have beat star captan with this combo so you have to get the wolfblades lasts mech so
it could be nearly as go as super star captan

Submitted by: Terrence Custer

(patient people only and must be in prolouge)If u like good weapons and want a new
mech easily stay on the ship and keep on pressing battle.Once ur lv.3 u will get
about 100 creds per win.If u don't buy anything it will be a little shorter. Once
u get the newbatron it will be a little easier to survive the university test.Stay
even longer and u can buy better weapons as soon as u get 2 the university.
I'm still on the ship and I got to lv 6 piece o' cake.

Submitted by: UltimateAndromeda

First of all i would like to clarify that if you finished the energy lade quest
you can only get the rank 15 weapon(KAMA)...ranks 25-35 weapons are for STAR
CAPTAIN only...1 more thing is that the best weapon for doing the energy blade
class is the MACHETE use it till u can unlock the lvl 15 weapon the KAMA....
For quick money u can do the autopsy or the labyrinth... whil doing the labyrinth
quest avoid all monster and only fight those monsters that get in your way coz
some monster will only givee 30 credits..while the MINO-ton gives 200 credits +
the chest will equate to 1400+ per mission...the fastest ad the largest credit quest
is the SHADOW BASE QUEST at the hospital coz in the ed of the quest if you beat all
7 monster you can get 6400 credits in 7-10 mins..NOTE that im using a lvl 12 mech wolfade...

I have 35/35energyblade 32/32hospital 21/21 pizza the 32/32SPD im still doing the
museum thing and the mystery jhon thing..

Basically if your a wolfblade and you have the lvl 12 mecha which is worth 120k the
best weapon so far is the LavaBlaster,D wolfhammer,D bazooka and if you want u cant
use the

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