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Hitman - Codename 47 Cheats

Hitman - Codename 47

Cheat Codes:
Update by: vaibhav the gr8
Update by: mohammed

Open up your "Hitman.ini" file located in your hitman directory.
Add the line "enableconsole 1" to the file. When playing a mission
simply hit the '~' key. Types any of these codes for the desired
effect. Note: Press [Tab] to scroll through all available commands.

Code Result
god [1 or 0] - God Mode
giveall - All Weapons with Max Ammo
infammo - Unlimited Ammo
invisible [1 or 0] - Invisibility
invisible off - Close the invisible
ip_timemultiplier [0.01-5.00] - Change speed of time; 1.00 is default
ip_debug [0 or 1] - Toggle debug mode
murderdeathkill - makes u heal up the hill
cmon - now win the game

Submitted by: s.orangzeb

When using sniper scope may be you feel some difficulty for hunting.
Simply first bring up the scope by clicking once and then press the 5
key for zoom in and again to more zoom and 2 key for zoom out.

Submitted by: Sanjay Rao

If the action menu when right clicked is disabled, then go very near to
the object and press action key on the keyboard. In the first level, if
you have trouble passing through the man having the shock machine,carry
only the mp5 gun. Let him see you. He will come running towards you. Go
back to the elevator and kill him with the gun. Wear his clothes and
drop any weapon you have including guns,piano wires and knives. Go to
the room and the guard will show you to freedom.

Submitted by: dompapp

In level 4:the lee hong assassination. You dont have to follow the sexy
whore out of the compound. Just shoot her and you will get the safecode.

Debug Mode:
Submitted by: Super-joost

Press ~ Then: IP_DEBUG 1 = turns on debug keys:

Key Effect
j : Jump.
t : wireframe mode.
o : overhead view.
k : move camera with cursor keys.
Shift+F12 : Throw anyone near you around the room.
Shift+F11 : Instand kill.
f,g, or h : teleport to various locations.

Access All Missions:
Type "Kim Bo Kastekniv" as your profile name, you'll get instant access to
all missions.

Multiple Gun Combo Trick:
This trick will let you have up to 15 rounds in any gun.

1. Make sure that you have a Beretta 92 in your inventory.
2. Select the gun you want to have 15 rounds in, and make sure that is the
ONLY thing you are holding.
3. Drop the gun on the floor.
4. Take out your Beretta 92 and pick up the gun you just dropped.
5. You will be holding both guns at the same time, and you will
have 15 rounds in both guns since they always shoot together.

Reward Bug Exploitation:
When you have completed all the mission objectives, don't exit yet. Instead,
press F1 for the mission status screen to appear. When the "success" message
appears press ESC to go back to the game. Then repeat the process. Each time
you will be paid the reward for the mission.

Easter Egg:
On the Traditions of the Trade mission there is a minor easter egg. When
talking to the recepient you will look in the guest book for Mr.Wuffs room.
In the guest book there are some names from the IO team, for example Martin
Guldbaek and Rasmus Kjaer from the graphics and design team. And Mads Olson
from the tester squad. And Martins room has the number 666 while Rasmus and
Mads have numbers 301 and 302. 301 and 302 are the rooms just above the
rooms 201 and 202 where Mr.Wuff is accomodated.

Submitted by: rickHH
Take your time and pay close attention to what everyone is doing the first
few times you attempt a mission. Once you get the hang of it and can guess
what equipment you'll need, tackle it for real.

Tip: Avoid combat if possible. Especially combat where innocents might get
hurt in the crossfire. Cleaners are expensive, you know!

Tip: Most bad guys wear lots of body armor, so concentrate on head shots
and fiber-wire kills. Also, buying your own body armor is almost always
a great idea.

Killing Pablo:(Without Cheat codes):
Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana

It is really difficult to attack Pablo face 2 face. To kill him easily
without using any cheat codes follow this. Inside the camp you will come
across a building.Before your attempt to kill pablo be sure that you have
cleansed all the enemies around that building.Now shoot the 1st floor's
windows (I'm not sure which is the exact window).Pablo will attemp to shoot
you however he won't offer that much resistance. Try this out!

Submitted by: DMA

Carrying infinite types of heavy guns:
For the ones of you who is addicted to heavy weaponairy and don't want to
have only one AK or M16 or to stand and choose which one to take and which
one to leave you dont have to choose from now on. You hust put your weapon
on HOLSTER and then get next to the weapon you wanna pick up so you can pick
it up by pressing the action button (Dont pick it up yet)then you scrool
through your inventory 'till you get to your weapon and choose it and right
after that you press the action button to pick up the weapon on the ground
DROP YOUR WEAPON AND PICK THE SECOND ONE UP then you should see that the new
weapon is in your hands and the old one is stuck on the floor following you
everywhere if get to that it means that you sucseeded and then you just pick
your old weapon from the inventory and he will hide the new one like a Bereta
or any other light weapon and every time you choos a different heavy weapon
from your inventory you will hide one automatically.

If you wanna go fully holstered(with empty hands)and still have big guns:
You get near a ammo pickup (usually comes in big ammounts)or throw on the ground
about 3 or 4 Pistols or Knives and then you holster just like in the first time
but this time you get next to the knives(or ammo)then scrool your inventory to
get to your heavy gun and start picking up stuff(pressing the action button
withous stpooing)and in the same time you choose your heavy gun. he will pick
the knive with the hand holding the weapon and put them both into your coat so
you still have them in your inventory and can pull them out any time and you
have empty hands so noone suspects you.

I really think that it appears nowhere else and I came up with the idea myself
so I'll not credit anyone but myself^^ and I hope it helps you.

Submitted by: Muddasar

Cheat 1: Kim Bo Kastekniv Effect next stages will open and wirte this cheat in
place of where you write your name
Cheat 2: God 1
Cheat 3: Enable 1

Submitted by: pawan kanyal

the Lee hong assination is very lengthy round and after finding Jade fig.
I have wasted my time in finding Herbal Shop and in walkthrough of Hitman it
actual paosition is not given.But I tell u its position,open and zoom your map
and herbal shop is the extreme left of resturant.Enter in and u find old man.
Talk to it and jade fig. is automatically deliever to it and in exchange he
will give u pison.

The jungle God stage:
Submitted by: Waqar zeb
E-mail address:

You easily finish this stage within one minute. When you walk through the
bridge take out your gun and aim at two soldiers in front of you from distance.
Kill them are run straight when you see a secrifise location never stop and run
over it towards the small hole. The tiger fallows you but before it reached and
attack,you safely enter into cave.This whole activity only take 40 to 50 seconds
if you are quick.

Submitted by: Waqar zeb
E-mail address:

This is very simple stage. Since you are codename 47 and those 10 men army
colons are 48 but they are so much stupid that i call them codename 23
regardless of there quick running,aiming power and jumping. Let comes to
the point when enter into basement kill the gaurd and take the shortgun with
bullets in cabinet behind him. You may need this gun in future with a weapon
you brought from a previous stage. After picking shortgun run towards cage.
When cut scene ended runs quickly towards the cage far from you.When you enter
there you see a guard resting, kill him and open the cabinet which is little
away from him. This shelf is full ammo which you need.
Pick up MP5 (my favourite gun) with all its magazines during process never
afraid about professor anouncements and information about release of colone.
Now go to the cage door back side at same room. If you are quick and place
your position there before any colone enterance from the nearest gate then you
have a real crack at them but if not never frustrate you still have all the
time to smack down then all.
If you position your self on that side of cage which is open then ready for
48 to come from front cage(a cage which is near to 1st guard room )when you see
him fire him with MP5 as you have more than 100 bullets that colone never fire
you before he cross that cage so then before reaching 10 are more bullets are
enough for him. Do the same for 2nd 48 and so on. In 2nd condition if you never
reach the open side of the cage to aim them directly before they reached the door
then attached your self to the cage where you aim them (now more than one) easily.
Never stand in open cage side as they are so quick that they finish you in seconds.
The funny thing about these carbon copies of HITMAN are they never fire you if
you stands with the cages at close side and secondly its so funny they never enter
into room where you are.Actually they are very stupid that is why i call them
codename 23.Now comfortably takeout your gun as i recommended MP5 and UZI because
majority of bullets cross the cage and never hit the iron sticks.
You get rid of them but it take some time. And also note that never close the cage
door if you did it they fire at you and hit you even you are in the cage.

Submitted by: Abhinav Gohain

First open notepad.than select file and then the hitman folder.
In down u can see there is written file name.type there- hitman.ini
(dont' give the -)
Than after select all files.then click on OPEN.
somthings will be written in the last line there is something written.after
that line u will get a new line.write there
"enableconsole 1" (give the ")
than save the changes.while playing the game press the ` [tilder] key and write-
GOD 1 - god mode
INVISIBLE 1 - invisible
GIVEALL - all weapones
-BEST of luck!

No reloading with Hardballer:
Start a mission where you can get a Hardballer and Desert Eagle handgun. Make
sure that the handgun has no ammunition. Take out your Hardballer and drop it
on the ground. Then, take out your Desert Eagle with no ammo. Pick up the
Hardballer. You can now keep shooting your Hardballer without having to reload.
Note: You will not have unlimited ammo on the Hardballer hand gun.

Extra money:
Complete all the objectives in a mission, then press [F1] to display the mission
status screen. Press [Esc] when the "Success" message is displayed to return to
the game. Repeat these steps to collect the mission reward multiple times.

Long lasting bullet holes:
After killing a person, shoot them repeatedly, press [Esc], then click "OK".
The bullet holes will stay for a longer period of time.

Slow motion:
Press [Scroll Lock] during game play to move in slow motion. Note: Aiming is
not effected by the speed change.

Level select:
Enter Kim Bo Kastekniv as a profile name.

Instant kill:
Enable the ip_debug 1 code. Place the pointer over a person and press [Shift] + [F11].

Launch enemies:
Enable the ip_debug 1 code. Leave the console, then press [Tab] until you find a
selected enemy. Press [Shift] + [F12] to make them fly about in the air. This will
kill the target. Make sure you have the crosshairs over your enemy, or it will
not work.

Teleport anywhere:
Enable the ip_debug 1 code. Press K to enter free camera mode. Fly with the camera
anywhere desired. Point the crosshair on the ground and press [Ctrl] + [F9]. Your
character will immediately jump to this point.

15 rounds in any gun:
Place a Beretta 92 in your inventory. Select the gun that will have 15 rounds, and
make sure that is the only object that you are holding. Drop that gun on the floor,
take out the Beretta 92, and pick up the gun that was dropped. If done correctly, you
will be holding both guns simultaneously and will have 15 rounds in each gun because
they shoot at the same time.

More ammunition with sawed off shotgun:
Get a sawed off shotgun and drop it on the ground. Take out a powerful handgun such
as the Desert Eagle, then pick up the sawed off shotgun. You go you can fire both
guns at the same time and will have more ammunition.

Hold two handguns:
Use the following trick to pull out two guns instantly. Open your inventory by scrolling
your mouse wheel or by using [Page Up] or [Page Down]. Locate the first handgun you want
to pull out. Hold [Ctrl] and select the handgun with your Left Mouse Button. Notice that
the handgun is highlighted. Keep holding [Ctrl], locate your second handgun, and choose
it with the Left Mouse Button. Now both handguns are highlighted. Once [Ctrl] is released
the handguns are pulled out.

Pistol rapid fire and dual wielding:
When you press the scroll lock button it goes into slow motion so you can dodge bullets
and if you click fast you can fire pistols even more rapidly than the Uzi.
To dual wield drop a pistol, then get out another and pick up the dropped one then you
can fire 2 at a time.

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