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Pokemon Crater Cheats

Pokemon Crater

Legendary Pokemon:
Defeat all 32 Gym Leaders and the 16 Elite Leaders to catch Legendary
Pokemon. Note: Train almost all your Pokemon to level 100.

Submitted by: harley rich cox

If you want to train up pokemon go to battle any member computer controled
and type in Zedja(what type of pokemon you want to train up) then clik batle
member. There simple as that.

Hint: Capture a mewto first:
Submitted by: Jitarth

Then go to any tournamen and win the challenge.you will be awarded with a
prize. Now go to capture a wild pokemon. as you have caught a mewto you have
the choise to select any pokemon at any level. take level 2 and leave the
select pokemon blank. the pokemon you had battled in the tournament will
show up again. defeat hi in one blow and you will again be awarded with
the same prize of the tournament yo had previously won.

Recommended moves:
Note: Attacks that share a type with your Pokemon will do more damage than
those of other types even with the same power level. Also, these moves are
not effective against Bug, Fighting and Water types.
Aura Sphere (Fighting-type attacks) are very effective against Dark, Ice,
Normal, Rock, and Steel.
Aurora Beam (Ice-type attacks) are very effective against Dragon, Flying,
Grass, and Ground. Fissure (Ground-type attacks) are very effective against
Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, and Steel.
Dark Pulse (Dark-type attacks) are very effective against Psychic,
Ghost/Move that are related to your Pokemon types.

Recommended Pokemon:
It is best is to have one Sableye/Spiritomb on your team. They have no
weakness. It is unfair for people to fight a team of more than one Sableye.
Choose a Pokemon that have less weaknesses. By doing this you will have
more resistance against your opponent.

Submitted by: santosh mr_hobo

1. Open 5 Tabs of Pokemon Crater Login
2. Login In all Tabs with Same Account
3. Make Sure That All Tabs have Different Servers Like Delta Gamma Alpha Beta Epsilon
4. Open Battle Computer Controlled in all Tabs
5. Type The Account you want to Battle like you want to train taillow lv.8 then Type
ZedjaFlying In All Tabs
6. in First Tab Dont Start Battle Leave it ! And in Other 4 Tabs Start Battle
7. Attack Once In 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th Tabs
8. Go to First Tab
9. Right Click Then go to Reload Every > Custom
10. Set it to 0 Minutes 1 Second Then Right Click > Reload Every > Enable All Tabs
11. Then Some Menu Will Appear Click yes
12. Then go to Every Tab and do this Right Click > Reload Every > 10Mins
13. Then it will Automatically Battling
14. When 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th Tab Says Error Team is not set or you already won the battle
that means the battle has finished and You Won!
15. Then do this in any tab Right Click> Reload Every > Disable All Tabs then Open
Your Team And that Pokemon has 120,000+ EXP

If you train a lv.8 pokemon then you will get 195,000 EXP

Submitted by: eswar

You can get many legendaries in the high lvl. map part of the first cave map .
You can get a groudon very frequently.

Hidden houses:
This is just in case you didn't know. The little houses on a couple of the grass maps are
able to enter. You can go in them. I haven't heard of a pokemon in any of them though,
and some trainers and computer trainers hide out in them.

Many battles as u want in one time:
first you have to open as many pages of pokemn crater as you want for example 5 or 6.
then write ur id and passwords in all pages.do any battle u want.(in all 6 pages).
when u will battles u will see that u have got all experience and money frm every battle.
It will also save ur time because u will be able to do more then one battle in one time.

Infinity experience:
Train one pokemon to its max lvl then keep on training it it will still gain more exp and
its an eayser to get on the top trainers list iv seen more people get on the top trainers
list by this

Get as many legendaries:
if you caught a legendary put it up for trade...for example-i caught a kyogre put it up for
trade then find another one this way you can get as many kyogre's as you like.

The Ditto Clone:
The ditto clone is a 1:912956 chance Ditto like pokemon. It looks like a ditto with a nose
arrow going down. It only appears at level 12 and only appears on the LAVA MAP. It knows
(and can learn) the following moves:

TRANSFORM (but only does 30HP damage always)

This DITTO CLONE is called Ditto* in the game.
Unfortuanately it only goes up to lvl 75.

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