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Tribal Wars Cheats

Tribal Wars

Submitted by: Tim Stuart

Type in cheats as user then for password copy it- then it will say what cheat to do
but you have to give 100 points away...

World 9:
Submitted by: RM

The following is a tutorial for the first five days of World 9. The first things
that you should concentrate on is upgrading/building your Timber Camp, Clay Pit
and Iron mine. Once they are all at about level 5, start concentrating on your military.
Upgrade your village HQ to around level 3 to construct the barracks and train about 10
Spear Fighters and attack the nearest abandoned village for more resources. Once you
attackers return with the resources, begin upgrading your HQ to level 5 so you can build
a Smithy. After saving your resources for awhile, build a statue. This will take a long
time. Also get a wall to about level 5, upgrade various buildings, and train a paladin
at the statue. Continue expanding your military and attacking the abandoned villages
for resources and upgrade your buildings until you can build a Stables and Scouts.
Try to ally yourselves with a tribe at this point because you are nearing the end of
your protection.

Stategy tips:
Now my strategy is to get your supplies ready first, so upgrade Timber, Clay, and
Iron 0-30(limit) and upgrade Warehouse occasionally also this will increase how
much each of the things (wood, iron, and clay) you can have, and all that will make
you good, so when you keep upgrading then you do get to limits your good, then go
to building barracks + fighters, wall, smithy, village headquarters, etc. doesn't
really matter after upgrading, but have barracks+fighters just in case, and also
village headquarters are good to upgrade because they make upgrades and constructions

Raise a noble:
Submitted by: fonheka

By definition a Nobleman will reduce the loyalty of your enemies' villages.
If its loyalty falls under 0 you will conquer that village.

The Nobleman stats look like this:
Offensive strength - 30
General Defence -100
Cavalry Defence - 50
Defence Archer -100

The requirements to raise a Nobleman are:
Village Headquarters (Level20)
Smithy (Level20)
Market (Level10)
and you also need 100 villagers.

Here are some details about raising a Nobleman. In every village you cancreate 1 academy,
each level of the academy is treated like a new academy building. If you have a level 1
academy, you can recruit 1 nobleman, a level 2 academy 2 noblemen and so on.
Each nobleman will cost the amount of noblemen you have +1. If you have 2 noblemen then
your third will cost 3 times the amount it would cost to make 1.
If your nobleman dies in battle then the cost for the next nobleman will be the same.
If you send your first nobleman into battle and he dies, this means your next nobleman
is still going to cost the price of 1 nobleman instead of 2.
You can upgrade your academy in each of your villages to a maximum of level 3.
So if you have 2 villages and an level 3 academy in each, and you have so far built
1 nobleman, then you have permission to build another 5.

offensive( there you should build offensive army: axemen, lcv and rams or catapult)
and defensive villages (there you should build spear, sword and optional scout and
heavy cavalry).

Defensive villages can exists as 3 type:
- Only defensive villages ( spear, sword and HCV)
- Scouting villages (spear, sword, HCV and about 1000 scout)
- Noble villages ( mainly sword, spear and some LCV or axemen).

The best things is to have ratio betwen defensive and ofensive village 3:1 or 4:1.

Submitted by: John

Build resources first! When you start out, its best to build your resources up
a few levels, after all, without them you can do nothing! Don’t rush into nobling.
Taking your first village is all well and good, but getting a noble and rushing
straight for the first abandoned village you can find is not always the best method.
Wait until your first village is in a good position, then think about nobling.

Beginners Guide To Tribal Wars:
- Find a tribe! This is so important, especially as you advance in the game. You
need a tribe to advance. End of. If you get to a decent amount of points, and
you are not in a tribe, your easy pickings and the first choice if a player in
a Tribe is looking for another village.
- Make friends with the people in your tribe. Any established tribe should have
a forum. Use it, get to know the people your playing with. Have a chat, talk,
it doesn't always have to be about the game though. Doing this means people
will like you, they will be wanting to help you out when you're in trouble.
- Help others. If someone in your tribe needs help, and you can give that help,
give it. Most players will remember it, and in the future will probably help
you back when you need it.
- Know your neighbours. Monitor the people around you, see if they are taking
village quickly - you could be next. If you like, mail them and ask what their
intentions are. If possible recruit as many neighbours as you can to your
tribe. You are less likely to be attacked if you are surrounded by fellow
tribe members.
- Build resources first! When you start out, its best to build your resources up
a few levels, after all, without them you can do nothing!
- Don't rush into nobling. Taking your first village is all well and good, but
getting a noble and rushing straight for the first abandoned village you can
find is not always the best method. Wait until your first village is in a good
position, then think about nobling.
- If your world has paladins, use them! Paladins make your troops travel faster,
so you can send your troops and a paladin to a village as support, then just
recall the paladin - gets your troops there much faster.
- Get a decent defence up. At about 500 points its good to have around 400 sword
at least. Especially if you are starting on a world that is already well established.
- Be diplomatic. Being abusive, argumentative or cocky will get you no-where.
Being polite and helpful will earn you respect, and lessen the chances of
someone taking a hit at you.
- Use the market. You will probably find that you have lots of Iron spare at
first, try trade it on the market for wood or clay.
- Build lots of scouts. The sign of a weak player can be its lack of scouts.
- Read the forums - you'll get lots of good tips and ideas.

Submitted by: Dan

The easiest cheat in tribal wars is the 9k gimme, just cross-reference art-money,
find the digits and imput what u want. If u dont know how to do that,
email me at

Easy Iron:
If u have alot of clay offer 2500 clay on the market for 5000 iron and people
ill accept in no tome.

When you start put up your resources and warehouse. When you get the Free Premium
Account don't activate it straight away. Wait till you resources and warehouse is

Noble man:
To get a noble man you need to get your village headquaters to level 20
-Smithery to level 20
-and markets to level 10
-Ten build your academy.
-if you are on a world that you have to mint a coin then buy the noble man you will
need a level 19 warehouse.
-if you are not then you will need a level 18 warehouse.

Here is my way of getting a noble man.
-First i get my clay pit, iron mine and timber camp to level 10.
-then get my warehouse to level 19.
-then i get my headquaters, smithery and market to level 10.
-then i get my clay pit, iron mine and timber camp to level 23.
-then i get my headquaters and smithery to level 20 and build my academy

If you want some one to accept your offer because all the other offers on the market
are too far away try this trick. Get a type of resource you have too much of and make
the offer on the market ripoff to you.
you have too much clay and need wood for your building.

Do this:
Put 1000 clay or more giving away then you give a amount that would make the offer's
ratio 0.5 - 0.9

Tribalwars - hacking-tool:
Submitted by: Chris The Entertainer

Ok, there ARE no cheats!
But this hacking-tool can change different numbers in like pupulation, iron, wood etc.
(can be used in other games too)
The name is "Cheat engine"
Just search for your number u want and raise and lower the value to find it and be sure
it is yours and u can change it... dont set it to high then maybe you crash or get kicked
from Tribalwars permanent.

Rapid attack:
Submitted by: kayory225

1. If you want to capture a village with out loosing hundreds of your troops then use this
cheat. You want start by getting about 25 axe men and sending them to a village that your
troops will arrive in fewer than 25 minuets after you send them send another 25 troops.
After about 5 minutes then withdraw the attack. So the person will not be expecting another
attack after. The second wave of troops should do it if not then repeat.

Strong Paladin and Good Upgrading:
-Get a statue at the head start.
-Let the statue stay and upgrade ur Timber Camp first.
-Then Upgrade ur clay pit then followed by the iron mine to level 10.
-Get Going on until u have barrack,wall,market,smithy and a workshop.
-Get ur Barracks to level 5 and get all the troops to at least 50 units after u just got
ur barrack.
-Upgrade ur wall to level 15 and see the change in ur village on the map.
-After you done the following, look into ur weapon chamber, you should see the first equip.

Submitted by: hrithik

if you got a late start follow these instricons.Should you join a world that has been going
on for a while already it is recommended to change your strategy a bit. It is of course
still important to get a good basic resource production so that it is possible to build up
your village quickly. But you have to quickly start protecting your village. For that it is
best to build up your wall and hiding place and also to build a few units. Writing your
attacker can often help as well. It is always recommended to use the units you produced to
plunder other villages. The plundered resources greatly help your growth.

Now we'll show you the biggest difference to the usual start:
Don't make the mistake to concentrate too much on creating your first nobleman. It might
sound logical to try to get a second village as quick as possible but it does not help you
if you can't defend your villages. If you only concentrate on the noblemen you are an easy
target, and also a well liked target as bigger players would love to have a village that is
already on the way to being ready to produce a noblemen itself. By that time that the attacks
start coming in, it's usually too late.

The only strategy against this is a defensive strategy. This means creating lots of sword and
spear fighters. If you create enough troops you are a very expensive target and they usually
try to find an easier target. The morale also helps you if you are attacked by bigger players.
A very big player loses up to 70% of his attack strength due to morale.

The security phase costs a lot of time, but it will pay out as well, as you can always use
those defensive troops in the late game. Once you have a good defense build up, something like
1200 spears and 1200 swords, you can start thinking about a nobleman.

You will probably be able to tell how valuable that tactic was by looking at your neighbors
villages. if you just stared follow these steps.In the beginning you mostly need one thing:
Resources. The Timber camp cuts wood, the clay pit collects clay and the iron mine produces
iron. The more you expand those buildings the more they produce. In the first few days it is
recommended to heavily concentrate on resource production.

While you are concentrading on your resource production it is important not to forget to
defend those resources. You don't want to lose all those resources that you worked so hard
for to a plunderer. One way to protect yourself is to build up your hiding place. The bigger
the hiding place, the more resources are safe from attackers. Building up your hiding place
is especially important if you have bigger players around you. It is also recommended to build
a wall. Every level means that an attacker loses more troops and makes it unprofitable to
attack any further.

After you have secured a good base production of resources you can start building troops
and trading. In the barracks (Headquarters lvl 3 needed) you can start recruiting spear
fighters. Those fighters are not usually good attacking troops but tey are very valuable
to do early raiding attacks on very small villages and players.

If you perfer to trade, you should build a market. (It needs headquarters lvl 3 and warehouse
lvl 2). Then you can see what your neighbors are offering and trade away excess resources.
You can also create your own offers.

You should also look around your area to find a good tribe to join. It is always easier to
fight and defend in a group. It is also a good way to meet some nice people.

Chris The Entertainer:
Submitted by: davidALGARVIO

Ok, there ARE no cheats!
But this hacking-tool can change different numbers in like pupulation, iron, wood etc.
(can be used in other games too)
The name is "Cheat engine"
Just search for your number u want and raise and lower the value to find it and be sure
it is yours and u can change it... dont set it to high then maybe you crash or get kicked
from Tribalwars permanent.

Offensive strategy:
Submitted by: tosheto

Ok,listen up guys,this hint will help you get lonely with your farms.

1.In the begining put your resources at lvl 5 . The production will get at 88 per hour. Its
good for now!In the other dots i havent put farm upgrading,you will do it yourself when it
get full!

2.Get your HQ at lvl 3. Then make the wherehouse at lvl 3. Your storage capacity will get
at 1500 !

3.Get barracks build up at lvl 1. Make some spears - 10-20 for farming ONLY barbarian villages.
You dont need to waste your army. Its very important to farm at the early stadies. Make a
statue and appoint a paladin!

4.Wall at lvl 1-2 ! If you are attacked,get your troops out. The wall will kill 1 of your
attacker soldiers and you will see his army. Dont get your army defending! Wait if he
attacks you 3-4 times with the same army,that is weaker then yours,make simulation and
then defend!

5.Hiding place (not necesary) - If you are attacked with strong army get the hiding place up
to 500-600 and ALWAYS use your resources! If you gave resorces one time,there will be
attacks...if you get them away,you could save yourself from "friendly guests".

6.ALL 10 - the time has come,you need to get you resprces up to 10! The production will get
at 187. You will need to get the wherehouse at lvl 5,so you could save your resources.

7.Time for upgrade-get your smithy at lvl 1, and with your army farm some resources and
resarch swordsman. They are much stronger but cost more and are making slow. Make 20-30
of them. Good defense.

8.Army-you will be offensive player so you do not need someone to attack your offensive
army. She is weak at deffense,so you need to clear all neightbours. For that,make the
smithy to lvl 2 and resarch the axemans. This will be your main offensive streight.
When they are resarched and you have some DO NOT ATTACK!

9.Scouts-whitout them,you are not attacker! Use your axe,spears and swords to farm! You
need to build many things! First-get your HQ at lvl 10 ! Dont stop farming! you need
all the resources! When you have enaught resorces,get the smithy up to 5. This will
take a while but its necesary. Continue farming! Get the barracks up to 5. You will
be able to resarch the archers,but dont do it for now!
Finaly,you can make stable. Make it and research the scouts. Make 10-20 of them.

10.Clearing-the time has come. You need to make only army now! Only axes! Make them 400-
500. Use your scouts,if your neightbours dont have army,farm them! If they have,USE
the SIMULATOR and then if you will clear them,attack! You will have losses,but dont
worry,with the new resources you will get your army qwick. Clear as many as you can
from your 7x7 map! You must be the only one who has an army!

11.Growing-you will start to grow fast. In the next days you need to get the LC and the
mines at
12.Upgrade the wherehouse and the wall. Your village will get more bigger,stronger
and undefietable!

After that, your goal is to get rams,catapults and MA and HC. Smithy to lvl 20,academy
and a noble! DONT STOP FARMING! get your second villa from barbarian so you dont lose
your noble!

From now,the fun starts! Get in a strong tribe,and get other villas!

If you have any questions ,feel free to ask me at .
Happy farming!

Building up your Village. PART 1:
Submitted by: Nathan478

Well first level up your village headquarters to level 3. This could take a while.
Then after u have a village headquarters at level 3 and enough resources build a barracks.
This will help alot because you can build spearmen. If you have any resources level up farm,
Timber, Clay, and Iron. Then when u have enough resources build a wall because this will
help in a defense. Now when u have enough Resources build as many spearmen as u can.
Thats all for part 1.

Starting out:
Its best to star by getting your resources to about level ten and a warehouse of about
fifteen , then headquarters to about 10 and a barracks to about 10 and then just go at it.

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