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Airport Mania - First Flight Cheats

Airport Mania - First Flight

Hints, Tips and Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

Give planes with emergency, such as "organs transplant" or "baby
delivering immediately", as they get really impatient and u will
be awarded medal!

* Try to serve the bigger plane after the small plane if possible, as
  u will get a larger combo bonus, but bigger planes are more impatient

* Try to purchase a repainting plot, so u can make ur all ur gateways
  to reach 4x combo of each colour, its the maximum and u get the most
  combo points and a medal at the end!

Hidden cinematics:
Each airport location in this captivating game has a "hot spot" that
you can click on for cool animations, dialog and more! I'll give you
a hint for Happy Valley's the church!! Just watch for
your cursor outline to change color and click away!

Money Hack:
Submitted by: Isadora

First you have to download Cheat O'Matic or any other memory scanner.
Download link:
Then open Airport Mania and the O'Matic. On o'matic, select "airport mania"
and then put your actual cash's amount, hit search. Buy or Sell something 
ingame, put the new value on o'matic and hit search again.
Do the last step again to change the value. If everything went alright you
should get a succesful message. Put the value you want to have in the box 
and hit SET. Done!

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