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Facebook FarmVille Cheats


Facebook Farmville Hints:
Update by: Ashley
Update by: abby
Submitted by: RM

Rare animals:
You may find rare animals here and there poping up on your home page
accept them quickly and hope no one has already got them.also some
one could give you a rare animal.

Unlockable How
Black sheep - Black wool.
Brown cow - Chocolate milk.
Ugly duckling - Swan (transform).
Swan - Swan feathers.
Baby elephant - Circus penuts.
Duck - Down feathers
Rabbit - Some kind of wool.

Best way to level up:
1.The best trick is to trap your farmer to speed his actions, ofcourse.
2.Spend your money on nothing but 100 coin hay bales. They are XP steriods!
Oh, make sure you leave some room on your land to place the hay bales.
3.100,000 coins gives you 1,000 hay bales @ 5xp each. That generates 5,000 XP
points! Compare that to a 100,000 coin building which gives you only 1,000

Spy On:
Select one of your neighbors and go to his farm. Click one of the crops on
the farm and drag it underneath the blue home button located near the bottom-
right of the screen. Drag your mouse on top of the home button and wait until
both the crop and the button turn yellow. Finally, click on the home button
to view your neighbor's growth percentage.

Make Money in Farmville:
Log on daily to get your coins from the Daily Raffle.

Update by: John Michael C. Ramos

When the time when you are playing the game "farmville" allow this cheats to be
activated once in a while when I ask for it.

Password Effect
levelup - level higher.
decor - decorations unlocked.
fuel - unlimited fuel.
FV - FV money higher.
seeds - more seeds unlocked.

Easily Get the "Not Spoiled, Gifted" Ribbon:
To get this ribbon you need 10 unique gifts in your gift box. The easiest way to
to send all you friends a message saying that you want them to send you gifts.
Then, don't use the gifts. You'll get it in no time.

Free Coins From the Sky:
While plowing(and only plowing), you might see a potato shaped thing fall out of
the sky. You do not need to go to the coin because it is automatically credited
to your account. This free coin will award you 50 coins.

Easy Stuff:
Well, save money to buy animals and harvest the stuff. For easy gifts, ask someone
for their password and username so they can add them. Then log in as them and give
all their gifts to you. But as a reward, give them 100 gold coins.

How to Earn More Cash than Coins:
* LEVEL UP. For every level you achieve you get one more free Farmville Cash buck.
* EARN RIBBONS. Every time you achieve a ribbon, you automatically receive 1 more
free Cash buck.
* BUY THEM. Although the game is free to play, the company would like people to buy
Farm Dollars with real money to buy specialized items, so that they can use the real
money to help offset the expenses of running the game servers. So you can buy Farm
Cash with real American money (USD). You must pay Zynga by credit card online, by
clicking the "+ Add coins and cash" link at the top-left of the page.
* COMPLETE THE FREE OFFERS. The best ones are the ones saying "Reach final steps."
Just go through it all as fast as you can, putting in false information so you don't
get spammed (most importantly: put in a fake email address if you can). Once you
reach the final steps page, take a screenshot (Alt + Printscreen/SysRq) and close
the browser. You should get your Farmville cash within a minute (you'll get however
many it offered). If you don't receive it, go back onto the missing farm cash area
and click on the customer support. Type in your question of "Where is my farm cash
etc." and post a link to your screenshot taken earlier. Wait approximately 1-3 hours
and you will have your Farmville cash, along with an email of apology from the support
for your troubles. This is the best and real only way of getting a good amount;
I have received about 300 farm cash from doing this offer as there is no limit - so
just do them all. Makes it easy to get the Manor.
(Warning - It does ruin the email address you use, but it isn't impossible to work.)

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