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Driver Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Rupert Merrique
Create or edit a driver in build mode. Then, enter one of the following
driver names at the make a license screen to activate the cheat function:
RESULT                                 NAME 
Rocket car                            - FLYSKYHGH 
Reversed Rocket Racer Run track       - LNFRRRM 
Turbo mode                            - FSTFRWRD 
Maintain speed off track              - NSLWJ 
All pick-ups are always at maximum    - MXPMX 
All pick-ups are grapple              - RPCRNLY 
All pick-ups are green (Fast-forward) - PGLLGRN 
All pick-ups are yellow (Oil)         - PGLLYLL 
All pick-ups are red (Bombs)          - PGLLRD 
No driver                             - NDRVR 
No wheels                             - NWHLS 
No chassis                            - NCHSSS 
Disable all cheats                    - NMRCHTS 
Submitted by: Marcus
Get the red car (Jaguar I think) turn on railroad cops, have them ram you
out on the miami beach side (east) get linded up just right, and your on 
your way to 446 MPH.
Submitted by: Darren Ladbury
Go onto carnage mode in Driving games and complete the carnage game. 
when your time has run out save your replay.  now back to the main menu 
and then watch the replay.  Take a drive and any car you hit will be sent 
over the horizon, inclusing cops.
nlock all cheats (hack): 
Submitted by: mr man
To get all cheats edit the file DRIVER\DATA\MLADDER.DML (WARNING- BACKUP
that file first so if you mess it up you can still play the game) delete 
everything above "#President render RENDER 70" except the header. 
Then start the game as normal choose a new game and credits will come up
along with a video to the left. Press ESC and goto cheats and there they
Submitted  by:Luis Gutierrez
I find how to go to 300+ miles per hour. Choose the Jaguar or other superfast
cars and choose from the cheat menu SuperFast cars. Start the game and go to 
an alone street and accelerate using Control Cruise and burn out, in just a 
few seconds the front of the car shoud be up and you will loose control of 
the car. If you mantain the car steigt at the beganining you shoud reach 
the 300+ miles.
I've just found out, how to go 227 Mph:

Submitted by: Ladislav Mlcák 
In cheatmenu choose superfast cars and freightrain. Then go with any car 
to New York, to the longest street through all the city. Then, at 100-120 
use Cruice control and at about 200 use burn-out as well. 
Than you can reach 227 Mph easily.
Submitted by: charlie
Go to the driving game section
then get a high score.enter the cheat.
Effect                   Name 
Fast cars              - NJW280172  
No police              - WAC271074  
Invincibility          - RUS3L  
Credits                - TMR300866 
Start as wanted person - ANJW16696  
Easy getaway:
When you are wanted and you see a cop in front of you, drive up behind
him. He will see you in his rear-view mirror and turn around to try to
get you. If timed correctly, you can try to get the cop to crash into 
a tree or obstacle to get a great opportunity to get away.
complete the Training mission:
Can't complete the Training mission in Driver for the PC, but want to 
play the game? Easy
Make a copy of the file DRIVER\DATA\MLADDER.DML first!
Edit the DRIVER\DATA\MLADDER.DML file in Notepad or a similar text editor.
Remove the two lines:
Save the file, then you can start Driver and go straight to 
the missions!! 
An easy way too get a head start on a cop chace is when you come up behind
a cop he can see you from his mirror and when he see you doing something 
wrong he will turn around like a U turn to try to catch you, so when you 
come up behind a cop look for a tree or pool and then do a vilation on the
side the pool or tree is on so when he turns to get you he will crash into
Submitted by sami kamci
Whenever possible, drive on the sidewalks. It'll keep the cops off you,
and you won't have to worry about oncoming traffic. When driving in San
Francisco, use the cable cars to lose the cops; they'll often slam into
each other. 
Keep an eye out for alleys and parking garages--these are 
great places to lose the police. 
Bonus city: 
Successfully complete the game once to unlock a hidden city.
Unlimited damage:
Take out the following lines:
MaxPlayerDamage 24576 file://( 0 ->4096*6 is range)
Unlimited time:
Take out the following lines:
DebugInfo 1
Countdown 70 file://UK 60 seconds USA 70 seconds
Change the weather:
Add any combination of these in a space following the "FelonyBarId 195" line:
Snowing (doesn't seem to do anything, but loads 
as a valid argument)
Change your car:
Replace the "0" (zero) in "PlayerCarType 0" to one 
of the following numbers:
0 - Original Car
1 - Crew Cab Pickup
2 - "Luxury"/Pimp Coupe
3 - Sports Coupe
4 - Camaro? (Fast)
5 - Toronado
6 - Nova?
7 - Cadillac Sedan
8 - Bonneville?
9 - Chevelle?
10 - L.A.P.D. Caprice Cruiser (Horn activates 
    lights and siren)
11 - Cadillac? Coupe
12 - Firebird/Camaro Z28
13 - Taxi
14 - Cadillac Sedan
15 - Error - Do not use
16 - Jaguar (CrazyFast: 170+)
17 - '55 Thunderbird (CrazyFast)
Disable the "Lose The Tail" mission:
Delete or comment out the following lines (Note: These 
are scattered throughout the file, with important stuff
in-between, so don't just delete everything!):
SetMaximumCops 0
Cop_Respawn 65000
Cops_Immortal 0
//SpawnCops 1, 3067, 45609, 441019
AddCivCar 9,0,1,0,3067, 45609, 441019
ForceFelonyRating 1
InfomPlayerById 5,103
Set Objective 2
MustBeHidden 1 //Must arrive at drop off point without a tail
NeedToLoseTail 1
OuterRadius 1000000
InformPlayerById 5,3
wait 2
Disabling the Lose The Tail will enable "prowling" cops. 
Set the number of cops you wish to have chasing you by 
changing the number in the line "SetMaximumCops 1" (I 
find three is a pretty good number), or disable cops by 
changing "Cops_on" to "Cops_off".
You can also add the line: "CopWipeOutDamage 7000" to 
set the amount of damage it takes to destroy a Cop 
Cruiser (If this line is not present, it takes about 
one solid head-on crash to destroy a cop).
Place a "trigger cop":
Allows you to drive freely without -any- cop intervention 
until activated. To enable this, do -not- delete the line:
"AddCivCar 9,0,1,0,3067, 45609, 441019"
This will cause an unactive police cruiser to be placed 
directly behind your starting position, who will remain
inactive unless provoked, thereby activating -all- of the cops.
Reach 204mph:
First of all select the Jaguar (Car type 16).
Start game as normal, find a nice long road, build up 
speed to around 100-110mph.
Release the accelrator (And Burn Out if you're using it).
Hold down the cruise control key (C I think is the default).
Instead of slowing down to cruise speed (30-40mph), your 
car will carry on speeding up, past its usual 178mph or 
so, we hit 204mph, but we ran out of road (Ouch that 
wall hurt), maybe you can get more out of it!
Choose Cities:
This is kinda what you do for the skip traing mission. You do 
the same thing except you click at the very top where it says 
[MIAMI] all you have to do is delete miami and put in [SF] or 
[NY] and you can drive around in New York or San Francisco its 
pretty cool try it
Choose Your Car:
Finish the game once and get to choose your car when you take a ride
Submitted by: A.J.
I have just found out how to go 325 mph. Choose the Jaguar car and
put on the cheats freightrain and superfast cars and start the game.
When you get to a lone sreet, just go for it. Make sure you sart the 
car off straight because you will lose control of the car.
Submitted by:  Brennan  Hinchsliff
Find trees and a jump next to the trees.Line up with the 
jump heading to the trees.Pres burnout and reaverse.Let go of 
reaverse when you are close to the jump.You shoud go through 
the trees.If you don`t go through the trees keep triing.
This sometimes works for water.
Submitted by: Will
To go outside of the city of Miami. Turn on the cheats Superfast cars, no 
damages no police. Pick the Jaguar or the Thunderbird (I presonally like 
the Thunderbird because of stability at high speeds). Pick DAY. Pull out 
of the garage and tunr left. Go all the way to the end of the road and 
turn left again. Stop and wait for a car to stop at the end of the block. 
Then floor it aiming right at the car. If you did it right the stopped car 
sould have acted like a ramp. If you got lucky and your car landed wheels 
down you are now on the other side of the hedge. Here you can go up to 
400+ mph without having to worry about running out of road or running 
Flying car:
Go to New York. Get out of Battery Park City and turn left. Keep going until 
you can turn left. Turn left, and to the left. There should be a empty space. 
Drive into it and you should be flying.
Drive in water:
Select take a ride mode and enable the NJW280172 code. Choose the thunderbird 
as your car. Get to maximum speed and hit the divider straight on. Keep holding 
the gas pedal down to fly awhile. If you land on your wheels, you will be able 
to drive on the water and on the land on the other side of the divider.
Flip your car:
To make your car do a flip, find a cop car on its side. Get some distance and
ram into the bottom part of the car. If done correctly, your car will flip 
very high in the air. This trick only works in San Francisco. In cruise mode, 
go straight until you reach a trolley track. Turn left there and go straight 
until you reach the end. Turn right and you will see a group of sand piles. 
Go over the first two immediately over the top of them then gain speed and 
hit the next one slightly to the side. If done at a good speed and aimed to 
the side of the pile so that only two wheels touch it, you will end up on your 
side or roof. There is an other place you can do this at. Find a nice hill and 
use the I-brake to slide sideways down the hill until you slightly start to 
turn the way you came from. Then, press the \ to do a peel out. If timed 
correctly, you should flip onto your side or roof. Finally, you can accomplish 
this move by turning right or left just before going off a jump. All of the 
these moves work best with a Pontiac Grand Prix (white car with ridge down 
hood), Chevy pickup, Dodge St. Regis police car, and the Ford Fairlane 
(standard San Francisco mission car).
Dimension switch:
This trick enables you to drive outside the buildings. Enable the NJW280172, 
We4rrqdz, and RUS3L codes. Go to Take A Ride mode and select San Francisco. 
A screen will appear. Press [Left] twice. There should be a red car. It is 
rounder than the other cars. Choose to go in the day. This car can reach about 
342 mph. Look at the map and there should be an upside-down "L" somewhere to 
the right. If you keep going straight, then to the right, you will eventually 
get there. It is a parking garage. Go to the first level and back up into the 
wall, with the car facing the slant to the next level. Then, quickly accelerate 
you fly through the ceiling. You will land on a clear spot. There should be 
some glitched buildings. You still can crash into the buildings. To get back 
to the regular streets, just drive back the way you came. 
Note: Do not go too far in a direction away from the city. 
Your car may flip, and cause the game to freeze.
Skip Training Mode:
Find the file DRIVER\DATA\MLADDER.DML and back it up. Now use notepad or any text
editor to remove the lines INTERVIEW & QUITONFAIL from this file. Save it back to
the directory and you now do not have to pass training to go to the missions
Choose Cities:
This is kinda what you do for the skip traing mission. You do the same thing except
you click at the very top where it says [MIAMI] all you have to do is delete miami 
and put in [SF] or [NY] and you can drive around in New York or San Francisco its 
pretty cool try it.
400+ MPH:
First use the "Unlock all cheats" cheat or beat the game.Then set the cheat "fast 
cars", "freight train", and "no damage" to on. Then take a drive. Choose the Jaguar
or the Thunderbird. Find a nice long straight road (New York has a good one). Then 
start at one end. Accelerate until reaching upper 200's then press and hold the 
cruise. Caution: Car will wheelie and you will be left without steering with front
in air. Tap on the gas repeatingly to keep front down.
Newcastle Glitch:
Play Newcastle. When You start, go right in the intersection. Start to the work zone, 
but then look to the right of the pillar on your right. there's a little space that 
the car will squeeze thru. just go forward bit. You'll be transported to the top of 
a bridge, and you can fall onto it!
Ending bonus:
After completing the game, you can drive any car that you drove in the missions, 
including the truck with the explosives, the taxi, the police car (honk the horn 
for sirens), and others. You can also access all of the cheats (including the 
Newcastle Level), but you can only drive the different cars in Take A Drive mode.
Additionally, you can play any level in the game.
Automactic Steering Wheel:
If you leave the game alone to go in to the Demo's, the steering wheel will react
exactly like as if the person who done the demo was there actually playing it.

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