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Tip of the Spear - Desperation

Follow Tai
If you chose to skip training, this is where you'll start: a hospital foyer. Proceed through the automatic door on the right. After meeting up with Tai, follow him up the staircase and through another door.

Ambush the Invading Locust
Tai will lead you to a hall overlooking the hospital courtyard. Quickly take cover behind any of the windows (though the unoccupied one around the corner is best) and wait for some enemies to barge in below. Stay calm and wait until they surround the explosive canisters in the center—as soon as your teammate yells to shoot the canisters, do just that to wipe them all out.

Clear the Hospital of the Remaining Locust
Afterward, follow Tai through the door that opens and collect the ammo along the way. When you reach the walkway that surrounds a room below, take cover behind a pillar and open fire on the foes below—you should be able to kill a few of them before they escape into the next room. Continue left around the walkway and use the desks and cabinets for cover around the corner as you tackle more enemies.

Proceed through the door just ahead and immediately take cover behind the desk. Wait here, as the enemies that barge in will be blown away by your support team. Afterward, take cover to either of side of the door around the corner and target the enemies in the next room. Once they're down, head inside the sub-room on the right to find some grenades. You may also want to take cover by the window to target the enemies through the door ahead, allowing you to climb down the staircase within.
After exiting the staircase, take cover by the door on the right and blast the Locust within. After regrouping with your squad, follow them through the right door, grab the ammo, then head outside. Take cover behind the closest pillar, which provides a great vantage point to clear the courtyard. Quickly run across the courtyard and up the walkway on the opposite side—ignore the "Y" prompt to check out the incoming Reaver, just focus on getting to the other side and hiding behind a pillar. Once there, chill out and let your teammates tackle the Reaver. Now that the courtyard is completely devoid of the Locusts, you may want to scavenge the ammo from the fallen enemies and grab the box of ammo on the right side of the current walkway, before going through the door leading back into the hospital.

Follow the hall (grab the ammo box just around the corner, and check the nearby room for some grenades) and take cover behind the counter-top on the left to battle some more bad guys. Subsequently, go through the open door on the right and follow either route—both lead to the dining room (the right one leads to more direct cover, however, you'll find a Cog Letterhead along the left route—look for it in a small office on the left side of the hall, opposite the first entryway into the dining room). Duck behind the end of one of the serving tables to shoot the enemies toward the back of the room. When clear, push forward until a ship crashes through the roof—the moment it does, hightail it to a pillar on either side for cover, then get ready for enemies to emerge both on the ground floor, as well as the walkway above. Afterward, look for an ammo box on the left side of the room, and grenades on the right. Now climb either staircase to the walkway above and continue down the hall (another ammo box can also be found at the top of the left staircase).

Upon entering the next room, grab a pair of grenades from the left, and some ammo, as well as a Cog Proclamation on the far right. Continue down either staircase (look for more ammo on the ground floor, between the two) to the counter in the center. As you approach, the power will go out again, which can only mean one thing: Locusts are coming—first from a hole by the left staircase, then from a door on the opposite side. Typically, you would battle them from the behind the counter, but there's a much better way. As soon as the lights go out, hightail back up the staircase and battle the enemies from here. They will drastically cut down on your vulnerability, while giving you a fantastic vantage point. Once the power is restored, check out the room that the Locusts merged from for some ammo, then proceed through the only other door (opposite the stairs) to meet up with the rookie.

Clear the Streets of the Locust Attack Force
The streets ahead are heavily fortified by the enemy, so don't even think about venturing out there! Instead, take cover behind the sandbags right in front of you and attack them from here. Oh, and don't bother battling the Reaver when he appears, as he's only making a quick pit-stop. With the streets mostly clear, head on down and take cover until your air support shows up, which will help push the enemies back. Now run across the street and hop over the counter into the store (there's also an ammo box on the right).

Inside the store, hop behind the counter on the left and use it for cover so you can safely shoot the enemies left on the street, through the door. Once you've turned them into hamburger, grab an ammo box from the left corner and head outside. Use the vehicles for cover as you continue to clear the street of their ugly presence.

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